We Give Gunnar’s New Work-Play Lenses a Shot All Around Town

Recently we were sent a new pair of Gunnar glasses to check out, but this pair wasn’t exactly like the others we’ve been working with in the past, as the lenses for these have a new trick up their sleeves. The company made a new set of lenses called Work-Play Lenses, which give you a […]

Trying Out the New Liquet Lenses from Gunnar

Last month, Gunnar announced that they were releasing a brand new type of lens for their eyewear called Liquet Lenses. The new lenses are designed to help protect your eyes from the indoor blue light you’re exposed to daily from monitors, cell phones, you name it. We were curious just how well the new lenses […]

Holiday Gift Guide: Which Weird Games Accessories Does Your Gamer Want?

Everyone loves having extra stuff to go with their hobbies; it’s why capitalism has continued to succeed despite being something of an unsustainable system. And no one knows that better than a gamer. So what will you get your gamer that they don’t already have? They’ve likely already got a nice headset, maybe even a […]

Getting A Better View With Two New Pair Of Gunnar Optiks

Anytime we get a chance to try out some new glasses from Gunnar Optiks, I’m both excited but unsure what to expect. Sometimes we get a pair that is just perfect and does wonders for my eyesight as I’m working, sometimes we get a pair that has great intentions but don’t work out as well. […]

Gunnar Vertex Glasses Review

I got a chance to test out the Vertex gaming glasses from Gunnar Optiks for the last few weeks. I’ve got to admit, cutting out some of the blue-glare from staring at screens all day was a bit nice, helped up the contrast on what I was seeing, especially while playing Mass Effect: Andromeda. Any game […]