Action Comics Writer Dan Jurgens Calls Out Fat People on Airplanes

As the writer of Action Comics at DC, Dan Jurgens gives a voice to a superhero who represents the best of humanity, despite being an alien from outer space. But when Jurgens himself went up, up, and away for an airline flight, his tweets about a fellow passenger seemed to lack a certain compassion the big blue boy scout is known for.

“Immense fat guy shoehorned into the seat next to me,” Jurgens tweeted, presumably on his way to WonderCon. “Seriously, these folks need to buy two seats or first class.”

Of course, a First Class plane ticket can cost 10 times as much as a regular ticket, and even buying two regular seats can be expensive depending on the flight. And the problem with airline seating seems to be one of the airlines’ making, as airline seats have continuously gotten smaller and smaller, even as the average size of Americans has gotten larger, part of a general trend to cut costs and pack more travellers onto a single plane. Even for an average-sized person, a trip on most modern airlines is far from comfortable. For a person of above average size, it can be a nightmare.

Given all of that, reactions to Jurgens’s tweet were negative, accusing the writer of fat-shaming, lacking empathy, and contradicting the principles he writes about, amongst other things. But Jurgens followed up by doubling down.

“When the belly fat pours over the armrest Jabba the Hutt style it gets ridiculous,” Jurgens tweeted.

It looks like Jurgens hasn’t yet reconsidered, even though several followers have responded by telling him he’s lost them as a fan. Maybe he’ll have a change of heart by the time he lands? Perhaps he even talked with the “immense fat guy” who was unfortunately seated next to him and gained a new perspective on the issue? If this were a comic book, that would be the ending we’d expect to see.

We’ll let you know if anything changes when the plane touches down.

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