Adult Swim Games Will Bring Pool Panic to PC and Nintendo Switch

Today, Adult Swim Games announced that their next game, Pool Panic, will be coming out on the Nintendo Switch and PC “soon”. The indie billiards game developed by Rekim is being billed as the “world’s least realistic pool simulator”, and we wouldn’t expect anything different. As you can see from the announcement trailer below, the game is basically every pool game you’ve ever played with the caveat that every scenario has nothing to do with playing a real game of pool. Which even for people like myself who actually do play the game, that’s totally fine, because sometimes you need a little ridiculous about things you love. Below is a description of the game released this morning with the trailer.

A variety of evolving rule sets and mechanics force players to think strategically about how to line up the perfect shot through each stage, whether it’s solving puzzles or fighting bosses. Play through the entire journey on your own and challenge your friends to a ridiculous pool party in 2-4 player local multiplayer.

Other key sights and sounds include:

  • Ride a Ferris wheel!
  • Take down bosses and join a motorcycle gang chase!
  • Explore caves where even the bats are balls!
  • Play nine holes of mini-golf with a pool cue!
  • Flee the zombie horde! But careful, they’re contagious!
  • Knock off other balls for your own gain!
  • Go skiing and mountain climbing! With balls!
  • Hunt boy scouts in the woods! Steal their hats!
  • With over 100 tracks of music from Grandmaster Gareth!

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