Detective Pikachu is No Ordinary Pikachu According to Latest Trailer

Detective Pikachu is No Ordinary Pikachu According to Latest Trailer

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It shouldn’t surprise you that Detective Pikachu‘s Pikachu is far from the cuddly side-kick we’re used to. The game is less than a week away from finally launching in the west and Nintendo has released a new video for the game featuring the star character.

The video highlights the character and gives us a glimpse at his grumpy old man persona. If you weren’t expecting the grizzled, deep voice coming from the tiny electric mouse, well. The first three seconds of this trailer will correct that perception irreversibly. Of course, it makes sense, given the character’s short temper and zany antics. Sadly, the fans did not get their way and so the character was not voiced by real-life grumpy old man Danny Devito. Honestly, that casting would have been spot-on, but we suppose we can forgive Nintendo.

We also get a bit of story in this trailer, as it shows the meeting between the surly master detective and a young boy named Tim who is searching for his missing father. The crime-busting duo team up and end up solving several mysteries in Ryme City.

Detective Pikachu will release Friday, March 23, exclusively for the Nintendo 3DS. You can check out the “This is No Ordinary Pikachu!” trailer below.

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