The Deviljho Comes To Monster Hunter: World Next Week

The Deviljho Comes To Monster Hunter: World Next Week

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Monster Hunter: World is getting a big update next week that will see the Deviljho added to the game.

Monster Hunter: World

Before Monster Hunter: World launched, it was announced that Capcom had plans to support the game for a long time with several free updates that would bring meaningful new content to the title. This means, as time goes on, more quests and monsters will be added for free for everyone. We’ve known for some time the first major update would include the Deviljho, a brand new dinosaur looking beast to tackle with your friends. Up to this point, we’ve only had a ‘spring’ release date set for that but now we have a date.

Revealed via Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu, the update is set to land next week. From March 22, 2018, you will be able to take on the Deviljho and make it into beautiful new fashions as is the Monster Hunter way. That’s not all though. The update is bringing several other improvements such as the ability to change your character’s appearance. You will be able to do that once for free, but then have to use tickets to do so anytime after that. The loading times are also being optimised and the weapons are seeing a massive rebalancing.

Free content is always great and a whole new monster is always going to get some buzz going from the Monster Hunter audience. The game sold incredibly well, and people are still playing months after release which is a good sign. That said, if you had fallen off the game, this seems the perfect excuse to hop back on.

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