State of Decay 2 Gets 25 Minutes of Gameplay Footage

State of Decay 2 Gets 25 Minutes of Gameplay Footage

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As part of IGN First, Undead Labs has released an extended portion of State of Decay 2 gameplay.

State of Decay 2

State of Decay 2 has crept up a little bit, but the sequel to the fan favourite game is bound to land with a lot of interest attached to it. The first had a lot of rough edges, but it was full of neat ideas that carved out a unique feel for a zombie survival game, no small feat in such a crowded market. Thus far, what the sequel actually plays like has been a little shrouded leaving many to wonder how the improvements will come in and improve what the first established.

Well, this is easily our best look yet at what to expect. As part of IGN First, the developer has shown off 25 minutes of gameplay footage which follows four players who are playing co-op trying to fend for themselves against the zombie hoard. You get to see scavenging, day/night cycles as well as some of the vehicle gameplay. There is plenty to devour in here. Take a look:

This really does look neat. I really do hope State of Decay 2 hits its promise laid out by the first game. It’s got the potential to be a truly excellent zombie survival game. Even though there are many of those, the number that are actually good make up quite a small percentage of the genre. Here’s hoping. It’s not long to wait now until the game hits, with only a few more months until launchState of Decay 2 lands May 22nd on PC and Xbox One.

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