Hulk Hogan’s Sex Tape, Coming Soon to a Theater Near You?

Listen up, Hulkamaniacs! The story of Hulk Hogan‘s sex tape and ensuing legal battle funded by Peter Thiel to take down the website Gawker could be coming to a movie theater, or television screen, near you soon! Punctuality-obsessed Hollywood gossip site Deadline reports that David A. Neuman‘s Blackrock Productions has picked up the rights to Ryan Holiday‘s book: Conspiracy – Peter Thiel, Hulk Hogan, Gawker and the Anatomy of Intrigue. The company will develop the project for television or a feature film depending on the idea of the creative talent that sign onto the project.

The 2006 video of the Hulkster having sex with the wife of Florida radio shock jock Bubba the Love Sponge was unearthed and portions posted online by Gawker in 2012. The ensuing trial hinging on Hogan’s right to privacy was funded by Conservative silicon valley mogul Peter Thiel. It resulted in both the destruction of Hogan’s career when leaked audio from the sex tape of Hogan going on a racist rant cause him to be fired from WWE in 2016 as well as the destruction of Gawker, which was hit with a $140 million judgement that ultimately bankrupted the company.

Though Hogan won the trial, he has yet to regain his status in the pro wrestling industry, though there have been rumors since almost immediately after he left that WWE was planning his eventual return. WWE, notoriously averse to bad publicity, might be hesitant to bring Hogan back, however, if the scandal continues to be in the public eye thanks to a movie or television show dramatizing the events.

sad hulk hogan
Hulk Hogan breaks down in an Entertainment Tonight interview following Sex Tape trial verdict

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