There Won’t Be Microtransactions in God of War, Says Director

The God of War director has come out and said that Sony’s next big exclusive won’t feature microtransactions.

God of War

Games are under the microscope by the community when it comes to microtransactions. Back towards the end of 2017, Shadow of War, Star Wars: Battlefront II, and Destiny 2 had big controversy around their economies reliance on microtransactions. The shoe seemingly dropped on the model and it means that audiences are becoming particularly sensitive to how games are monetising as a service.

Well, for one of the biggest games out in the first half of the year, it isn’t going to be an issue. In response to a concerned user, God of War director Cory Barlog alleviated fears the model may be present in the game. The concern stemmed from a screenshot of the game that looked like it featured some kind of currency. As it is the case with a lot of games, some feared it might be a purchasable currency that you would use for upgrades. Barlog nipped that in the bud, saying simply:

This is nice to hear, even if not entirely surprising. God of War seems to be a straight shot single-player narrative and there is rarely room for microtransactions in those kinds of games. Of course, Shadow of War saw loot boxes in a single-player capacity, but that game is built around a loop. This comes on top of the news that there is no Season Pass for the game, so it seems what you buy is really going to be what you get. It’s always good to have something like this confirmed and players and their wallets can now rest a little easier.