Warcraft 3 Patch Drops As Remaster Rumours Begin to Hot Up

Warcraft 3 Patch Drops As Remaster Rumours Begin to Hot Up

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Blizzard has released a sudden Warcraft 3 patch for the game ahead of its first Invitational competition, leading many to believe a remaster is on the horizon.

Warcraft 3

If you’ve been following the buzz around Warcraft 3 recently, you will know the community is rife with talk of a potential remaster. After StarCraft saw a remaster last year, people have been asking after the precursor to World of Warcraft and if it might see the same treatment. That talk went into hyperdrive over the weekend as it came out that Blizzard had invited prominent Warcraft 3 community members to a secret meeting. On top of that, the game is holding its first invitational, set to take place on February 27 to 28. It’s clear there is some real movement around the title at the moment, a title that is 15 years old no less.

Well, that movement only continues to grow as Blizzard has just patched the title for the first time since August. The patch brings several changes, but the most prominent are character balances, 24 player multiplayer lobbies as well as widescreen support. There are a lot of little changes too, which you can check out here.

Now, of course, this doesn’t confirm a remaster is on the way. This patch could just be to try and get the game into shape ahead of the invitational. However, since it brings things like widescreen support, it is clear something is going on here besides mere balance. There sure has been a whole lot of activity around the title recently and a remaster would seemingly make sense. Warcraft 3 remains a classic of its genre and beloved still so seeing it get a lick of paint would be great. If it comes to pass, we will be sure to let you know.

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