Marvel Rumours Spilling Out of ComicsPRO – A Cosmic Ghost Rider Series?

Gossip starts to spill out of ComicsPRO, the retailer advocacy group having their annual summit in Portland, right now. I’m doing my best to keep my ears open in London, England to hear what filters through.

One such nugget is that with the announcement that Donny Cates will be writing the new Venom series launching in May, that Cates will be leaving Doctor Strange after the Damnation crossover and fallout. It has also been noted that no issue of Thanos has been solicited for May.

But I have been told to expect a spinoff series featuring the Cosmic Future Ghost Rider that recently appeared in Thanos and sent speculator interest rocketing, with the revelation that this Ghost Rider used to be Frank Castle, the Punisher.

Whatever goes down, it appears to suggest that 2018 will be as momentous a year for Cates as 2017 was…

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