You’ll Soon Be Able To Play As John Wick in Fortnite

If you’ve ever felt like John Wick playing Fortnite, we got some good news for you! You can dress like him as well in an upcoming update. Earlier today, this images was loaded up on the game’s official Reddit feed, with the title of it simply saying “Soon!” and nothing more. Hopefully, Epic Games have come to some kind of agreement with Summit Entertainment to allow the likeness of Keanu Reeves’s character (otherwise they’d be ripping them off, which we can’t see Epic doing), but if you scroll down the line you’ll see Epic trolling their fans with phrases like “The name’s Jason… Jason. He has a particular set of skills. :)”. So while it looks like John Wick, it may not be labeled as John if they’re going the 20% difference route in appearance to prevent a copyright.

credit//Epic Games

The fun questions to ask ourselves is what kind of sills will he come with? Because, frankly speaking, even though up-close combat really isn’t a thing, I wouldn’t mind being able to kill people with a pencil in Fortnite. At the very least it looks like we’ll be getting a high-powered pistol with the skin, so with any luck, we’ll be able to two-tap a dozen people in a row without needing a reload.

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