Annie Wu Announces Dead Guy Fan Club at #ImageExpo

Annie Wu Announces Dead Guy Fan Club at #ImageExpo

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At Image Expo today, Annie Wu took the stage to introduce the crowd to her new series, Dead Guy Fan Club, about the fan club of a dead rock star reuniting to investigate his suspicious death (our guess: Courtney Love did it). Image released the details in a press release:

Annie Wu introduced fans to the forthcoming DEAD GUY FAN CLUB. In this new series, the founders of a rock star’s fan club reunite in adulthood to investigate the suspicious death of their hero and the involvement of an unhinged member of their old flock.

“I’m thrilled to be writing and illustrating a new series,” said Wu. “I can’t wait to share this weird little black comedy with everyone.”

The series launches from Image Comics in Fall 2018.

Additionally, Wu gave an EXCLUSSSIVE interview to Nerdist, which also included some artwork. Discussing the series, Wu said:

What hooked me was the concept of fandom. In this story’s earliest iteration, the celebrity was a Broadway actor, and I only settled on him being a musician after Bowie and Prince died. I started thinking a lot about what people seek in an idol, especially through adolescence and, from there, the types of fans I encountered online when I was young. It’s a neo-noir black comedy, my personal take on a crime/mystery book. At its core, it’s about what we take from others to make sense of our own lives. In terms of tone, ‘Hitchcock meets It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia‘ isn’t too far off…I want utterly ridiculous writing to be delivered by the most grounded, thoughtful artwork I can manage.

Read the full interview here, and check out the art below:

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