Monster Hunter: World Has Become Capcom’s Quickest-Selling Game to Date

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Capcom has come out and announced that Monster Hunter: World is the fastest-selling game they’ve ever made.

Monster Hunter: World

The big question around the release of Monster Hunter: World was could the series really breakthrough the mainstream in the West. Its triumphs in Japan are well publicized, and no one would deny what a cultural impact it has over there. That has just never been the case in other parts of the world, though, so many wondered if bringing the game, specifically to console and using that power would see it catch on.

It seems the answer to that is, absolutely. Three days after launch, it was announced that the title had shipped 5 million copies. That number has now increased to 6 million, and Capcom (via IGN) is now claiming that this makes it the fastest-selling game in the company’s history. Considering that it’s been around since 1979 and released some of the most beloved games of all time, that is a pretty big achievement.

Where the series goes now is not yet clear. In the immediate future, there is free post-release content as well as a PC version later this year, but after that? It’s anyone’s guess. One would think the handheld audience for the series is still pretty big, but also, after this success, that a console focused powerhouse might again be on the cards. Whatever happens, though, it seems that Monster Hunter‘s future looks incredibly bright. That’s a really exciting prospect, too. It’s clear everyone is cottoning on to what makes the series special, and that can only be a good thing.

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