Ed Benes Turns Down a DC Comics Title, Looks for Other Possibilities

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Comic book artist Ed Benes has talked about turning down work from DC Comics as he looks ahead to his future. He has very much been associated in the USA with DC Comics, including runs on Justice League of America, Superman, Birds Of Prey, Red Lanterns and Superman/Wonder Woman, with Green Lanterns for DC Rebirth. But what’s next?

He posted to Facebook:

Roughly translated as…

“DC is still my home but at the moment I feel the need to go out for a bit and look at other possibilities…”

“It’s true, DC offered me a comic, but for several reasons I had to refuse. This could mean a long wait for another offer, but I don’t intend to wait. I need to go back to a routine, but as I said before there is a list of characters I wish to draw before I retire and at this moment I have carte blanche to draw one of them.”

But for now, on social media at least, he is sticking to drawing DC characters.

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