What Did Rob Liefeld Think of the Venom Trailer?

Posted by February 10, 2018 Comment

When Sony released a trailer for Venom earlier this week, eager fans watched it and immediately began asking the most important question that ever gets asked about any comic book movie trailer: what did superstar artist Sir Robert Liefeld think about this?

Thankfully, it wasn’t long before Liefeld took to Twitter to reveal his thoughts, and what those thoughts were will probably not shock you. Liefeld tweeted:

He then retweeted another negative opinion on the Venom trailer, before elaborating:

After a well-earned nap, Liefeld utilized a series of retweets and his own responses to give further details on why he thought the Venom trailer sucked.

Liefeld was willing to brook no argument that the Venom trailer was good, even blocking fans who continued to press the issue.

We think he made things pretty clear, didn’t he?

So maybe stop tweeting him about it.

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