Far Cry 5 Video Shows Off All The Friends You Can Call Upon In Game

Ubisoft has shown off the companions you will be able to recruit in next month’s Far Cry 5 in a new video.

Far Cry 5

Far Cry 5 isn’t a long way off now, and it will certainly be interesting, to see how it deals with its rather charged subject matter. Taking on the religious military coup out in Montana is certainly going to be a subject that spawns a whole lot of discussion, so seeing how the developers handle the tone, as well as the Far Cry hijinks will be fascinating. Can the game sustain itself with a message, while also allowing the ludicrous violence and glorification the series is known for. It’s going to be a tricky one for sure.

When you finally are let loose on the world though, you won’t be alone in your efforts. Ubisoft has made a big video showing off the companions and allies you will be able to call upon in your moments of need. These are all characters a part of the resistance who are trying to overthrow the cult currently in charge. There are seven you will be working with, each with different abilities like a flamethrower, an RPG, a helicopter, a sniper, a bow and arrow and some cute ears and tail. You can see all of them shown off in the video right here:

This is definitely on the sillier side of what Far Cry 5 has been showing. It seems the marketing campaign is alternating between more serious subject matter and the explosive hijinks of the game. It’s not long until we see how the game fares as it is out March 27, 2018.