Undertale’s Determination 3LP Canceled Due to “Lack of Overall Demand”

If you could choose any word to describe Undertale fans, unenthusiastic is not one of them. The game has a rabid fanbase who are basically waiting for the sequel to come out, even though there’s no word of a sequel. That’s how badly they want new Undertale stuff. So it comes as a bit of a shock to see that iam8bit has canceled plans to release the game’s Determination 3LP because the demand wasn’t high enough. The news came out earlier today and was picked up on social media quickly.

As you can see from the text, refunds will be sent out via PayPal to everyone who pre-ordered. It is a shock that with all the fans of the series, so few were willing to buy the soundtrack on vinyl. There’s always hope that once fans see that it’s been killed, people will write iam8bit and request that they make the album and the money all comes flooding back in to make it a reality. But as it stands, the album is officially dead.

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