"Pokemon" Studio Teamed Up With "Undertale's" Toby Fox for "Little Town Hero"

“Pokémon” Studio Teams With “Undertale’s” Toby Fox For “Little Town Hero”

Wednesday’s Nintendo Direct gave us a massive update on Game Freak’s other game, Town, which has been renamed Little Town Hero. Alongside an October 16th release date, the newest trailer provided information on the game’s staff. Little Town Hero‘s music is being composed by the creator and composer behind Undertale, Toby Fox. It’s directed by veteran […]

Nintendo Revealed Their Best Selling Indie Games on Nintendo Switch

During GDC 2019 this week, Nintendo revealed in a session what their top-selling indie games were for the Nintendo Switch. Kotaku got the scoop being one of the few media entities who attended the session, and while there are few surprises as to who is on the list, the order of them is rather interesting. […]

Deltarune Officially Announced for Nintendo Switch in February

A major indie shocker as Deltarune, the latest game from Undertale creator Toby Fox, will be coming to the Nintendo Switch. The game is being published by Japanese company 8-4, and aside from having a weird trailer for you below with a lot of dogs, the screenshots for the game look mighty familiar to anyone who […]

Toby Fox Reveals an Undertale Sequel Demo Called Deltarune

After yesterday’s tease about a new announcement, we finally learned that Undertale‘s Toby Fox revealed a new demo called Deltarune. A few tweets were posted this morning on the game’s Twitter account, all containing some weird and cryptic messages, all eventually leading to a final post pointing people to Deltarune.com. The website takes you to […]

Undertale Creator Toby Fox is Teasing a Halloween Surprise

Undertale‘s creator Toby Fox has taken to twitter to tease something related to the game that will be revealed tomorrow on the official Undertale twitter account. For those who completed UNDERTALE it's really important that you check @UNDERTALE 24 hours from now. I want to make something new, and it all begins with your feedback. A […]

Undertale is Coming to Nintendo Switch This September

At long last, we now have the modern old-school RPG Undertale on a Nintendo console, because we know they’ll never port over Mother 3. Toby Fox made the news on his Twitter account, saying the game would be released on September 18th, three days after the game’s third anniversary. Not only that, there will be […]

Undertale is Finally Coming to the Nintendo Switch… Eventually

Probably one of the most successful indie RPGs of the past decade, Undertale has had a profound impact on modern gaming with its style, approach, and themes. Now we’re finally going to see all of that come to the Nintendo Switch… someday. As part of the Nintendo Direct video that happened today, an unexpected chain […]

‘Undertale’ Creator Shows Off Some New Projects On The Way

In celebration of the game’s second anniversary, Undertale creator Toby Fox threw out a tweet showing some new items that he’s been working on related to the game. As you can see below, iMessage will be getting stickers related to the game featuring some of the more loveable characters from the game including Sans, Papyrus, and […]

Going Back To The Underground: We Review ‘Undertale’ For PS4

When I first got the chance to play Undertale on PC, I was blown away. I had an RPG that reminded me so much of titles like Earthbound, but with some new mechanics that forced me to rethink the way I approach games and what kind of experience I had—both for better and worse. After […]

Purrfect Date

Ever Wish You Could Take Your Cat On A Date? Now You Can With Purrfect Date

Have you ever sat there, wondering what it would be like to go on a date with a cat? Certain your pet feline is your only soulmate? Well, now you can embrace your inner cat lady with a cat dating sim. From developer Bae Team and publisher Bossa Studios, publisher of Surgeon Simulator, comes cat dating sim/visual novel […]

Bleeding Cool’s Game Of The Year Selection: #35-#18

One of my great pleasures in doing a lot of my game’s writing is playing as many games as possible and handing out awards at the end of the year. Game of the Year is something I look forward to immensely, allowing me to look back on the last 12 months of games and really […]