Yakuza 6 Delayed Into April But It's Getting A Demo Soon

Yakuza 6 Delayed Into April But It’s Getting A Demo Soon

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SEGA has announced that Yakuza 6: The Song of Life is getting a delay, but to make up for it, they will be putting a demo out later this month.

Yakuza 6

It feels like Yakuza‘s stock rose with its last release. Yakuza 0 really seemed to catch on with more mainstream and Western audiences embracing the more out there aspects of the series. It was a great, off-beat little adventure and the series charm finally came to the forefront. That’s why many are obviously excited about Yakuza 6. The game was set for a March 20th, 2018, which really is not far away.

Well, sadly, the game is seeing a pretty late delay. Thankfully it’s not that long in the grand scheme of things. SEGA has announced a new release date of April 17, 2018. That’s less than a month delay, so this is surely just for a touch of polish making it pretty easy to swallow. The delay was confirmed on Twitter with a message calling it a ‘tough business decision’. It read:

Making it even easier, the company has announced that a demo will be coming for the game a little later this month. It won’t be wasted time either. Any progress you make in the demo will be brought into the full game, meaning there is plenty reason to check it out.

A demo of the game seems like a smart play. While I said, Yakuza 0 definitely made waves last year, it still has some room to grow. A demo will give everyone a bit of time with the game and the chance to try it out with no strings attached.

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