Rob Gronkowski Ponders Future After Super Bowl Loss; Does Future Include WWE?

Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski could be looking to hang up his cleats and put on a pair of wrestling boots. Following the Patriots’ loss in last night’s Super Bowl 52, Gronkowski answered questions about a possible retirement with a less-than-definitive answer. But plans to leave the NFL for WWE may have been in the works for the past year.

Gronkowski appeared at WrestleMania 33 last April and interfered in the Andre the Giant Battle Royale, costing Jinder Mahal the victory and aiding Mojo Rawley in his win. Following that altercation, speculation began that Gronkowski could be looking to retire from football and take up a career as a pro wrestler. Speculation intensified when Gronkowski was suspended for two games for performing a wrestling move, a running splash, on a player during an NFL game.

Following last night’s Super Bowl loss, Gronkowski’s WWE nemesis, Mahal, mocked Gronkowski, attributing the loss to Gronkowski’s interference in Mahal’s match in April. Mahal’s tweet could be the latest in an intricate work — a pro wrestling term for storyline presented as reality — designed to generate maximum publicity on Gronkowski’s drive from the gridiron to the squared circle.

“I’m definitely going to look at my future, for sure,” Gronkowski told reporters after the loss, according to “I’m going to sit down the next couple of weeks and see where I’m at.”

“I’m not ready for these types of questions right now. I’m just going to sit down, reflect on the season, talk to my teammates,” Gronk continued. “We fought all year long. All the receivers, running backs, linemen, I mean we put all the work in together. I’m just going to reflect on the season, probably with the boys, and see what happens from there.”

Surprise entrant, and winner, of the 2018 Andre the Giant Battle Royale at WrestleMania this year?

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