Not Surprising- We May Get A Han Solo Solo Movie Super Bowl Trailer

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The upcoming Solo: A Star Wars Story is a mystery, still, with only four months til it releases in theaters.  This is probably the strangest non-advertising campaign that Disney has done yet, the fact that the only OFFICIAL thing we’ve seen for the LucasFilm standalone title is the simple text lobby poster.

solo: a star wars story

An example- by this point in the oh lets say Wonder Woman press (only because if you’ll recall, people were unhappy with the lack of studio push for the film leading up to it’s release, not because of a DC vs Marvel/Disney thing, ok?) we had had a full trailer, interviews with cast and crew, set photos, and several media pushes to get interest up for the film.  This isn’t necessarily a bad thing for Solo, but it *is* sort of unprecedented for a feature in a franchise with instant name recognition like this.

Maybe that’s why we haven’t gotten anything yet, Disney feels the name alone will bring people to the theaters, especially with the box office success of the most recent Cosmic Conflict programme.  That said- I really don’t think Disney/LucasFilm is that stupid.

There has been no shortage of rumor chatter that the Solo film is in trouble- either from a script standpoint or any of the other production woes that seem to follow the scruffy-lookin’ smuggler. You’ll recall that the original writer/director team of Lord and Miller were fired by LucasFilm, and that Ron Howard came in to take over and finish the picture. That alone may not be enough to really signal problems, but it didn’t help matters either.

It could also be that Disney is trying a new tactic with their pre release press, hoping audiences will be interested no matter what they’ve seen/not seen.

Sources say we’ll be getting our first Solo: A Star Wars story teaser/trailer during Super Bowl 52 on Sunday February 5th.

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