Monster Hunter: World Launches Making of Series by Showing Off Concepts

Capcom has started a new video series that will be showing off the making of Monster Hunter: World.

Monster Hunter

It’s not long now until Monster Hunter: World will be gracing the public’s consoles. The game has a big buzz around it, bigger than most might realise I feel. I have a strong feeling the game will do well commercially, but will it be the title to finally crack the West? Who knows what extent it will be, but I’m quietly confident due to the response from the three betas of the game.

To get a better understanding of how the game came to be, why not check out this new video from Capcom. It’s the first episode of a new ongoing miniseries which will dive into how the title happened, and why it stripped away its handheld roots. The first episode is called ‘Concept’ and it goes over exactly that. Where it came from, how it came together and all that goodness. It’s pretty fascinating too, because as I said, this is a big departure for the series. It’s over six minutes long too, so there is plenty to chew on.

You can check it out right here:

We will have a lot more to say about the game tomorrow, and later on in the week to get you ready for release, we have no doubt. Just in case you don’t have that datejotted down it’s 26 January, or Friday. Hopefully, everything goes smoothly on the server side and a bunch of people enjoy getting on the hunt. Untill then, keep your eyes peeled.