The Banner Saga 3 Gets a New Trailer and Release Window

The Banner Saga 3 finally has its release window, and it comes alongside a new trailer.

banner saga 3

The third and supposedly final game in the franchise has been a long time coming. For years, developer Stoic has talked about this series as a trilogy, meaning fans have been salivating over the possibility of the game for a long ol’ while now. It started crowdfunding back in very early 2017, reaching its goal and going into production. Since then it has been pretty quiet bar a few small appearances, but it seems Stoic is just about ready to pop its head back up.

In fact, it has done that in a new trailer, and importantly it reveals the current release date for the game. This trailer is the first in a series that will be introducing ‘influential’ characters in the story. The first up is Faslot. He is described as:

It focuses on Varl loyalist Fasolt, and asks whether he’ll help or hinder humanity as it faces the end of the world.

Here is the trailer:

At the end of the video’s description, we get a nice little bit of news, too. While not exact, it reveals the game is set for Summer 2018, so mark your calendars.

In the grand scheme of things, that is not very long at all. It will be great to see the series close up, hopefully on a high note. The Banner Saga franchise is one of the most striking looking series out there with a really well-loved story mode. Here’s hoping it delivers.