More from Glenat's Conan the Barbarian Series Starting This Year

More from Glenat’s Conan the Barbarian Series Starting This Year

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We mentioned there were a series of takes on Conan the Barbarian coming from French publisher Glenat, based on Robert E Howard‘s novels, in public domain outside of the USA.

We mentioned The Black Colossus by Toulhoat and Brugeas. But there are more teams being assigned their own Conan books.

We have heard tell of creative teams Mathieu Gabella and Anthony JeanHautière, Vatine and Cassegrain, Luc Brunschwig and Etienne Le Roux, Morvan and Alary and solo, Recht, Montaigne, Virginie Augustin and Que Du Lourd.

But we have more looks at Conan to come…

Let’s break those out:

The game is on…

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