Heroes of the Storm Gets Wild Animated Short to Promote New Skins

Heroes of the Storm has put out a pretty stunning animated short that is being used to showcase three new skins coming to the game.

Heroes of the Storm

We’ve seen companies try to capitalise on ‘stylised’ advertising for a long time. It went a bit wild for a while with everyone trying to cash in on 80’a B-Movies. It went away for a bit, but then Blizzard came out with a trailer for their latest Hearthstone expansion, which aped fantasy shows of the 70s. It was cute.

Well, Blizzard are back at it again, and this one might take the cake for ‘most impressive video for smaller product’ in a while. The style Blizzard has taken on this time is Mech based anime, but the animation is way too sharp to be anything from the modern day. The trailer, which is genuinely an appealing watch, is for three new skins being added tot he game. These skins are coming under the banner ‘MechaStorm’, and bring metally robot skins to Tyrael, Rehgar and Abathur. You can see the skins do battle in the short, which is pretty blistering. Take a look:

That really was pretty impressive.

The skins will be added to the game, and purchasable as a bundle on January 29, 2018. Have at them.