Psyonix Wants Your Help Choosing Rocket League Music

Rocket League is still going strong online with regular players and a few different esports comps happening around the world, and one of the things that have kept the game popular is the soundtrack that you get to listen to during the start and sometimes in gameplay. Psyonix has decided after three years, they’d like to change the tone yet again and are looking to replace the main theme music of the game. But before they do so, they’re looking for your help in deciding what it will be. Below is a tweet they sent out for the weekend, asking for fans to decide on their new tunes.

Personally speaking, we enjoy “Solar Eclipses” from Hollywood Principal, but that’s just our personal preference. There’s no date as to when the voting will end or when they’ll officially make whatever track is chosen as the main theme. So for now, go look up all four tunes and pick whatever you feel fits the game the best.

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