"Stranger Things" Comes To "Rocket League" In Time For Halloween

“Stranger Things” Comes To “Rocket League” In Time For Halloween

The latest Stranger Things crossover to take place in gaming comes to us in Rocket League as Psyonix launches its latest event this week. The Haunted Hallows event will kick off on October 14th and run until November 11th, bringing with it Halloween-related content. Among that content is material from the Netflix hit, as the […]

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Psyonix Will Release The Next “Rocket League” Update Next Week

The dev team at Psyonix will soon be releasing a new update into Rocket League, which will bring a few new additions to the game on October 14th. You can read more about some of the additions below, but the big addition coming is the Haunted Hallows event. Basically, it’s their Halloween-themed content, returning for […]

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Psyonic Announces The Launch Of “Blueprints” In “Rocket League”

Psyonix announced this week that they are finally launching the new Blueprints system that will replace the current Crates one in Rocket League. A new update will be coming in December for the game that will change the way their system works. After a match is finished, you’ll have a chance to obtain a Blueprint […]

Psyonix Reveals The

Psyonix Reveals The “Rocket League” Rocket Pass 4

Psyonix revealed the brand new additions coming with Rocket Pass 4 when it is officially launched into Rocket League on August 28th. You can read the full details here, and we have some of the main points for you here below with the trailer. But the shorthand is the pass will be available the same […]

"Rocket League" Will Get A Season 12 Update At The End Of August

“Rocket League” Will Get A Season 12 Update At The End Of August

Psyonix released details this week about an upcoming update for Rocket League that will kick off Season 12 and bring about Season 11 rewards. The update will setup the Rocket Pass 4, as Season 12 will go into effect at 10am PDT on August 27th. The update will also include the new “High Five” and […]

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Psyonix Releases Details For The “Rocket League” Fall 2019 Roadmap

While players have been enjoying the summer events in Rocket League, Psyonix has released details of what’s to come with a Fall 2019 roadmap. We have some of the details below, and you can read the full roadmap at this link, but the short version is that some stuff is coming to an end while […]

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Psyonix Shows Off The Massive “Rocket League” Summer Update at E3

One of the best appointments we had during the second day of E3 this year was checking in with Psyonix and playing Rocket League‘s new updates! The Radical Summer event, which we have more details of below along with screenshots and trailers, is one of the biggest updates the devs have added to the game […]

Rocket League Developer Psyonix Acquired By Epic Games

Rocket League Developer Psyonix Acquired By Epic Games

Some pretty stunning news out of the blue today as Psyonix, the developers of Rocket League, have announced that they were acquired by Epic Games. According to details from different sources, this deal has been in the works for a few months, and will bring Rocket League to the Epic Games Store as they will […]

Rocket League Activates Crossplay Between All Three Consoles and PC

The latest game to officially join the crossplay club on all three consoles and PC this week is Rocket League, as it was announced by Sony this morning. The announcement came on the PlayStation Blog, in which they give instructions to make sure you have the crossplay feature enabled. While it is monumental progress for both […]

Psyonix Addresses Rocket League Cross-Play in the Future

After all of the news about the PS4 finally setting up cross-play for Fortnite, fans were quick to hit up Psyonix about the possibilities for Rocket League. Yesterday, the company posted a letter on Reddit from the CEO addressing it, confirming that it appears those plans are now in the works. No fine details were […]

Rocket League’s Zephyr Update Due to Drop on July 30th

The next update for Rocket league seems to be shrouded in mystery as they’ll be adding a few new items that we don’t know what to make of yet. Ever since Psyonix gave out their Summer Roadmap to updates and fixes, it’s kind of been like waiting for a mystery box every update. The latest […]

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Rocket League 2 Won’t Be Coming Anytime Soon

Rocket League developer Psyonix has said that its interests right now remain on building on the first game’s experience rather than working on a direct sequel to the game. Rocket League is one of the biggest success stories in the last few years. The cars-meets-soccer idea sounded a bit silly to begin with, but it […]

Rocket League Reveals their Summer 2018 Development Roadmap

Developer Psyonix has released their Summer 2018 roadmap for all the upcoming content coming to Rocket League over the next few months. As detailed on the game’s official blog, the Summer 2018 season starts later this month to coincide with the start of competitive PvP Season 8. Players can expect to receive their Season 7 rewards […]

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Rocket League is Getting Switch Performance and Quality Options on Switch

Psyonix has added a new option for Rocket League on the Nintendo Switch which will allow players to bump up the game’s resolution and add effects while sacrificing some framerate speed. Meaning Switch players now have to make the dreaded choice of performance versus quality. The different modes come as part of the game’s 1.43 patch […]

Rocket League Tournaments Coming to the Game’s Spring Feature Update

WIth different esports league basically running Rocket League tournaments of their own, as well as developer Psyonix having a hand in some of them, fans have been wondering when the company would just add the option to have tournaments into the game itself. We got our answer about a month or so ago when the company […]

New Items Coming to Rocket League… and Its Name Is John Cena!

Today, Psyonix announced that there will be a new line of items coming to Rocket League that will specifically be themed around the WWE. Which the minute we heard this news, we kind of wondered why this hasn’t happened sooner, as it seems like a cool fit for both. According to the developers, sometime over […]

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Rocket League Tournament is in Beta for PC Players

The Rocket League Tournaments beta is now live for PC players on Steam. The beta will run until Friday, February 23rd at 5 p.m. PT and allows players to create their own tournaments and join others created by their fellow players. The beta is only open to players who already own a copy of Rocket League on […]

Rocket League To Receive DC Comics DLC Cars In March

How would you like to use the Batmobile to defeat your enemies in Rocket League? That dream is going to become a reality as Psyonix has partnered up with WBIE and DC Comics to release a new DLC pack where you’ll be able to get specific vehicles and skins from members of the Justice League. […]

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Rocket League to get Cross-Platform Party Support This Year

The ultra-popular soccer with cars game Rocket League is going to see cross-platform party support in 2018 to build off of its cross-platform play functionality. So now you can form a party with your PC friends while you’re on console and live the dream. When asked on Twitter whether the feature was coming, the official support account for the […]

Rocket League Will Finally Get Crossplay Party Support In 2018

For those of you who have been begging to see crossplay party support in Rocket League after all the talk about making it happen, good news for you! The dream is alive and kicking, at least, according to Twitter. Someone from Psyonix jumped on Twitter to answer a fan question about the long-awaited addition to […]