Latest Attack on Titan Comic Features… Harvey Weinstein?

Attack on Titan by Hajime Isayama is one of the most popular comic books in the world. With many millions of copies in print, it has been known to features celebrity and public figures, famous and infamous, as both foreground and background characters, amongst all the bloodshot and chaos that regularly peppers that series.

For example, it is believed that the character Dot Pixis was modelled after Yoshifuru Akiyama, a general in the Imperial Japanese Army.

Last week saw volume 101 published in Japan and in the USA. And one face appearing in last week’s volume may be a little more infamous than usual.

Believed to meant to be be one Harvey Weinstein, recently of The Weinstein Company and with an industrial-scale number of allegations of sexual harassment, abuse, and rape against his name. He does appear to be on the brink of being crushed to death by a giant monster, but that’s the only bit we see of him in this comic. For now.

Attack On Titan is published by Kodansha.

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