Is This What Marvel Is Doing with All Its Extra Lenticular Covers?!

Last week, Bleeding Cool told you that comic book retailers had been given the chance to open order any of the Marvel Legacy Lenticular covers that had been previously used as promotional items for the Legacy relaunch and relied on retailers bumping up their numbers heavily to qualify to order them.

This rather annoyed the retailers who had bumped up their numbers heavily to qualify to order them… and rather delighted the retailers who hadn’t.

But it seemed that there were more of the former than the latter, and suddenly Marvel cancelled the offer and any orders that retailers had made.

So what was to happen to all those Legacy lenticulars, then? We didn’t know. But an item appearing on retailer invoices might give a clue.

Surprise Free Variants?

Could everyone just be getting them… for free?

No one will object to that…

…except they probably all will.

Or maybe it’s something else entirely?


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