Bungie Says Destiny 2 is Shifting Scales Away From Eververse and Microtransactions in New Update

Bungie Says Destiny 2 is Shifting Scales Away From Eververse and Microtransactions in New Update

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Bungie has talked about big changes coming to Destiny 2 in a new developer update, which claims that the video game is moving its endgame and event focus away from the Eververse.

The developer has had a bit of a… shall we say, complicated relationship with many of the Destiny 2 players in recent months. From questions about more endgame content, to a focus on microtransactions to locked content behind a paywall, it’s been a rough time for both Bungie and its community. Not too long ago, Bungie made a commitment to make changes to the game, and there have been some indications that is happening.

The developer has now taken another step by making a promise to change how the game relies on the microtransaction fuelled Eververse. In a big developer update, Game Director Christopher Barrett talked about a whole host of changes coming to the game, outlining things that will be tweaked and added all the way to Fall. There is a lot in there, so if you want all the details, hop over. However, let’s just focus on the Eververse for now.

In the post, Barrett outlined the feelings on the shop and the changes that would be coming in the game.

We recognize that the scales are tipped too far towards Tess at the moment, and Eververse was never intended to be a substitute for end game content and rewards. So, we’ll be making three changes for upcoming Seasons:

We’re shifting the balance of new content in favor of activity rewards over Bright Engrams. This includes adding Ghosts, Sparrows, and ships (to date found only in Bright Engrams) to achievement reward pools.

We’ll provide a gameplay path to earn Bright Engrams and all contained rewards (including Event Engrams).

We’ll give players more direct purchase options and make adjustments to Bright Engrams to allow players to get the items they want more often.

One of the big complaints of recent weeks was how much The Dawning event focused on the Eververse, and Barrett promised that changes to future events would be coming too, including the imminent Crimson Days that begins on February 13. The changes being made are:

Completing Nightfall, Raid, and Crimson Days milestones during Crimson Days will reward you an exclusive Legendary Emote, Weapon Skin, and Exotic Sparrow, respectively.

Players will earn double engrams at level-up: one Crimson Engram and one Illuminated Engram for the duration of the event.

Crimson Engrams can also drop from completing the Crimson Days match and from completing the Crimson Days milestone on each character.

Each Crimson Engram is very strongly weighted to new rewards when decrypted until all new event items have been obtained.

As I said, there is so much more in that post, but the focus on microtransactions in Destiny 2 has been an intense one recently. Bungie had to do something, and it seems these are their steps towards ‘something’. As a lover of the game, I’m pleased with how Bungie is moving forward and once all this is in the game, I’m sure it will be a much better for it. Obviously, it would have been better if none of this was an issue to begin with, but hey, at least changes are coming.

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