Marvel 101 Debuts Upgraded Design with New Video Featuring Songbird

Marvel 101, the publisher’s video profile for obscure characters, has gotten a major upgrade. The series of video have been running for a while on Marvel’s YouTube channel and has covered everything from the Infinity Stones, to the Netflix characters, to the Inhumans, to Hela and all points in between. The videos show a series of images from the comics giving a brief history of the characters with a text giving the story. I’m not exactly sure why they don’t have someone actually doing a voiceover, which would be helpful, but instead it’s just music and text to go along with the images.

Marvel 101

The opening was originally a quick chalkboard-like drawing of Marvel characters and then the logo, followed by the comic images. But the new look is more like a computer read-out or HUD showing the images and giving the text. They still aren’t doing voiceovers… which they really should. But the new format is pretty slick-looking.

They used it first to give the history of Songbird from the Thunderbolts. The character who started off as a villain, Screaming Mimi, has redeemed herself on the new team, and that comes out pretty well in the clip. Not sure about the music choice, though.

Just for sake of comparison, here is the previous Marvel 101 in the old format showing the history of Hela.

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