Cullen Bunn Sorts Out the All-New X-Men Time Travel Glitch in Today’s X-Men Blue #19

Okay — way back when Hank McCoy, the Beast, brought back the original X-Men from an earlier point in their lives, in an attempt to shame Scott Summers, Cyclops, into looking at what he had become.


It didn’t work., Instead they got stuck and couldn’t go back. It was confirmed that they were of this timeline, after young Cyclops died for a few minutes…



…and adult Cyclops disappeared. Even though that’s not how Marvel time was meant to work.


Then they tried to go back to their own time…


…only to discover that somehow they’d never left — or were from a different timeline after all…



…as their original selves were still in the timeline.


Even though that’s not how Marvel time is meant to work.


Then in X-Men Blue #16… it was time for them to go back again.

Because whatever happened last time they tried suddenly doesn’t count. Because… magic?

Nope. Today’s X-Men Blue #19 lets it all hang out. After a few diversions, they get back to their original timeline to see their somehow-other selves still fighting away in a sequel to the classic Marvel story arc from Excalibur, the Cross-Time Caper.

So what’s going on?

Turns out it may not actually be them in the timeline after all. Someone else got in…

So the All-New X-Men did leave their timeline after all. It was the central Marvel Universe timeline. The universe didn’t somehow spontaneously replace them in their absence by time clones — and Franklin Richards didn’t do it either. It was something else. Or someone else.

And in today’s X-Men Blue #19, Cullen Bunn, RB Silva, Adriano Do Benedetto and Rain Beredo will tell you who.

(W) Cullen Bunn (A) R. B. Silva (CA) Arthur Adams
•  The timestream is in ruins… And it is the fault of the X-MEN!
•  Can the X-Men fix everything that has gone wrong…even if it means battling against themselves?
•  At long last, the original X-Men are reunited with PROFESSOR X!
Rated T+In Shops: Jan 10, 2018
SRP: $3.99

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