Drew Goddard is Still Directing X-Force Despite Disney Takeover

Drew Goddard is still attached to direct and write X-Force despite Disney’s take over of 20th Century Fox.

His involvement in the project was announced back in September, charging him with taking on the military mutant team. There are a lot of questions about the film such as where it will land, be it the X-Men or MCU timelines now that both properties are under the same roof or if it would even still be a part of Disney’s plans, but it seems the man behind the camera is currently still slated to take on the film. According to Discussing Film (via ScreenRant), the film is still slated to happen and Goddard is still attached to the project in an unchanged capacity.

As stated, there are definitely a lot of questions about this production, but it does seem like it will be a different feeling superhero movie. Josh Brolin is still attached to play Cable in the film as well, and he is obviously set to play Thanos in the MCU too complicating matters further. It’s all very confusing, but Goddard is a great talent and I’ll always have a decent interest in seeing what he is doing next. We’ll keep an eye on this one.