What Is Jim Cheung Drawing on Instagram? Could It Be the Next Marvel Relaunch Image?

Jim Cheung is always busy on Instagram. But some recent images seem to line up a little… and suggest something exciting for those who wish to view them in that fashion.

Join them up and you get this…

So that's… Gambit, Black Panther, Jean Grey, Captain Marvel. Thor Odinson, Venom, and Peter Parker Spider-Man… and plenty more to come. Now this could simply be a commission, but Jim does like to tease his work.

And the suggestion is that this could be the 2018 equivalent of the following from years past?

Just joining the dots, which we know Marvel Comics always likes us to do.

Thanks to José Ronaldo Júnior, Marcos Heck, the Facebook group "Tretando com senhor Jameson" and the website www.jamesons.com.br.

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