Breath of the Wild's Master Cycle Zero Was Borrowed from Mario Kart

Breath of the Wild’s Master Cycle Zero Was Borrowed from Mario Kart

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Breath of the Wild’s Champions’ Ballad DLC came with the shocking inclusion of Link’s new motorcycle, the Master Cycle Zero. Near the end of Champions’ Ballad, Link unlocks the motorcycle, which he’s then able to drive around Hyrule.

In an interview with series producer Eiji Aonuma and game director Hidemaro Fujibayashi, IGN asked about Link’s new ride, including its possible relation to the Master Cycle Link rides in Mario Kart 8.

“When we were thinking about this motorcycle, we thought it should be something from the past. It’s using ancient technology. Perhaps it’s like the first Master Cycle, is how we kind of approached it,” Aonuma told IGN. “When we were making the game, we did actually borrow assets from Mario Kart, and kind of just had it run through the Hyrule world. It got kind of a test drive, really.”

“In terms of importing that data, it actually became sort of like we actually developed a motorcycle from the ground up,” Fujibayashi explained. “The Master Cycle, it was obviously kind of a racing type bike, where you’re leaning forward like that. But obviously, looking at it, we were like, ‘oh, the suspension won’t really work if it’s at that. We’ll have to change it.’ Then we went to make it off-road, more off-roady, but if we made it too kind of in the off-road direction, it won’t actually look that much like the other style of bikes.”

“It really felt like we borrowed someone else’s bike and then did our own custom conversion,” he added.

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