Comic Store on Madeira Island Makes a Move to the Mall

Comic Store on Madeira Island Makes a Move to the Mall

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Livraria Setima Dimensao (Seventh Dimension Bookstore) is a comic book store you may never have heard of, as it is located in Madeira Island, a small Portuguese Island (area: 740.7 km²) in the North Atlantic Ocean and with a total population of 260,000 inhabitants. Nevertheless, it recently celebrated our 13th anniversary in September 2017, and relocated our shop to a new space, with renovated design, more staff recommendations and trying to bring a wider selection of quality books and comics for our customers.

This store opened in September 2004 to fill a gap that existed in this small island, where comics used to occupy a marginal space on bookstore shelves (often mixed with children’s books), and Comics and Graphic Novels were not recognized as an art form that deserved respect.

During these 13 years, Setima Dimensao became a community hub for readers, writers, artists, creators and local collectors and pop culture fans.

Since 2005, this bookstore became the local host of the “24 Hour Comics Day event”, and it continues to be the only host of this event in Portugal, gathering the local community of young readers, creators and aspiring artists.

They’ve organized exhibitions, workshops and events with celebrated national artists, like José Carlos Fernandes or Filipe Andrade and renowned international creators like Colleen Doran and David Lloyd, that have been invited to visit Madeira Island and share their knowledge and experiences with local readers and collectors.

Due to their limited size, they try to select very carefully the books they offer to our customers, and they trust their  tastes and recommendations. They regularly promote new titles that will expand their  customers’ tastes and reading curiosity, highlighting Portuguese creators and independent editions, alongside Marvel and DC books.

And now, to celebrate their 13th anniversary, the store relocated to a new space, in the touristic area of the capital, at the Monumental Experience Shopping Centre, in a location that includes a space for workshops, exhibitions and other events.

And this is how they look now:

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