A Christmas Tale of Rob Granito... or Is It Rod Geodano?

A Christmas Tale of Rob Granito… or Is It Rod Geodano?

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Regular readers of Bleeding Cool may remember that a few years ago, we were the first to run a story on the comic convention artist Rob Granito. We mentioned that he had quite a career attending comic conventions, exhibiting his artwork and selling it, while stating he was a published creator, working on the Batman Animated Series, working for Warner Bros. and many other companies. But this was all a lie — he was generally copying the work of other creators, when he wasn’t just printing it out and adding some art smudges. Suddenly it was open season on Rob Granito. He was confronted at comic conventions by other creators, others cancelled him from shows, and more. He then announced he would be launching a line of comic books with known comic book conman Josh Hoopes. Released a record. And then… he disappeared.

Turns out he is back in a small way.

This piece recently was on sale on eBay, recognisably one of Rob Granito’s traced drawings of Harley Quinn from back in the day, listed as “HARLEY QUINN Signed Comic Art SEXY Lingerie Batman JOKER BRUCE TIMM BTAS IVY HOT”.

In conversation, the seller, calling himself Derek, asked who the artist was. He was told it was “Rod Geodano”, as “the signature is a bit hard to make out.”

Before, after being asked, confirming that the artist was Rob Granito.

The seller then informed the potential purchaser that they have several other pieces by the artist to sell if they were interested, claiming to have picked them up at New York Comic Con.

The purchaser then made payment for the first piece, only to discover…

The payment going to Rob Granito.

Here’s the thing. Rob Granito: you are an infamous name. As a result, a number of people would actually like to have a piece of work by you. So sell them, be honest, admit to any sources, charge a price and you will see your work sell…. you don’t have to pretend to be Derek selling the work of a) Bruce Timm or b) “Rod Geodano”.

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