Oh, Won’t Someone Challenge Brock Lesnar?

Kane and Braun Strowman have had a rather excellent storyline the past few weeks. Both men have been attempting to one-up each other on monsterness, in an attempt to win the Universal Championship from Brock Lesnar.

Things were getting tense in there, and poor Kurt Angle looked genuinely worried. I’ll give it to him: he’s a great actor. Things really got hot when everyone’s favorite advocate, Paul Heyman, came out with Lesnar. I have great respect for Heyman. He’s been through a lot in wrestling, and he’s just amazing on the mic.

This was an excellent way to open RAW up. I’m really hoping they use Strowman to retire Kane (isn’t he running for office somewhere), and make Strowman the champion. He’s absolutely more visible than Lesnar, who I frankly forget about 90% of the time. If it weren’t for Heyman, I’d think he was a boring character all together. Strowman, meanwhile, has become the stuff of legend in my house. Here’s hoping he gets a proper push.

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