WWE Royal Rumble 2019: Bleeding Cool Ranks All 32 Rumble Matches!

Ahh, the WWE's Royal Rumble! Every January, there is at least one thing all wrestling fans can agree on: we love us some Rumble. 30 men and 30 women (sometimes 40!) come to the ring in timed intervals one at a time for the ultimate shot at immortality: main eventing the granddaddy of them all, […]

Bandai Namco Unveil Kane's First Jump Force Pics

Over the weekend, Bandai Namco unveiled a few new images from Jump Force, focusing on the new Akira Toriyama created character, Kane. The company didn't really reveal anything more about the character beyond the images below, but you can tell this looks like a very Dragon Ball inspired character as he has the stern look about […]

U.S. Senators Call on WWE to Reconsider Saudi Arabia Crown Jewel Event After Journalist's Murder

As if WWE's lucrative 10-year partnership with the government of Saudi Arabia weren't questionable enough already, the company is getting heat worse than Roman Reigns in a smarky city following the assassination of Washington Post journalist Jamal Khashoggi, with the Saudi government allegedly behind the killing. Criticism of WWE's involvement with the Saudi's has included the country's […]

Marvel Legends Spider-Man SPDR Wave 34

Let's Take a Look at the Latest Spider-Man Wave of Marvel Legends

Marvel Legends series are currently dropping all over the place, and one of them is a new wave of Spider-Man related figures. Featuring a long-needed update to a classic villain, a classic version of a fan-favorite, two spiders, and two long-requested figures, this is an interesting wave. And that is not even including the interesting […]

WWE Superstar Kane to Drag Knox County Tennessee Straight to Hell as Newly Elected Mayor

It's a classic tale of redemption. Despite multiple skeletons in his closet, any one of which would have disqualified a person for public office before the Trump era, WWE superstar Kane has become the mayor of Knox County Tenessee. Kane, a libertarian who secured the Republican nomination in May, defeated Democratic opponent Linda Haney, though […]

Democratic Opponent Slams WWE's Kane for Wrestling During Mayoral Campaign

WWE Superstar and Republican nominee for Knox County Mayor Kane may be focused on defeating the Bludgeon Brothers at WWE Extreme Rules later this month, but perhaps he should be watching his back for attacks from his Democratic opponent, Linda Haney. Cutting a promo to Knox News, Haney said of the Big Red Machine: I […]

Now That WWE's Kane Has Made a Face Turn, Does That Mean He's a Democrat?

Knox County mayoral candidate Kane returned to WWE SmackDown Live last night, reuniting with his old Team Hell No tag team partner and crowd-favorite wrestler Daniel Bryan to fight off a beatdown by SmackDown Live tag team champions The Bludgeon Brothers. As Kane recently secured the Republican nomination in his mayoral race, this dramatic turn […]

WWE Mattel Hall of Champions Elite Johnny Gargano

New WWE Elite Figures Include Finn Balor, Johnny Gargano, and More!

WWE Elite figures are the number one brand on the market right now, and with good reason — the figures are of amazing quality and articulation, with some of the best sculpts wrestling collectors have ever seen. Today we have final looks at some of the newest figures hitting stores this summer from Mattel. From […]

Braun Strowman

WWE's Kane Cuts Promo After Officially Winning Mayoral Primary

WWE Superstar Kane is now officially the Republican nominee for the mayoral race in Knox County, Tennessee, the Big Red Machine announced on Twitter Thursday afternoon. Kane seemingly won the race on election night by 17 ballots, but 43 provisional ballots remained to be tallied that could have overturned his victory like a Smackdown General […]

43 Ballots Stand Between WWE's Kane and a Likely Knox County Mayoral Victory

As reported last night, WWE Superstar Kane has apparently won his primary to become the Republican nominee for Mayor of Knox County, Tennessee. Kane, a Libertarian endorsed by Senator Rand Paul and The Undertaker, won the election by 17 votes with all regular votes counted. However, 43 provisional ballots stand in the way of a […]

Braun Strowman

Kane Wins Semi-Final Match in Knox County Mayoral Tournament

WWE Superstar and Knox County Mayoral Candidate Kane has apparently won his primary race for Mayor of Knox County by seventeen votes, and will move on to face Democratic primary winner Linda Haney in an inter-gender election at Survivor Series in November. Kane received the endorsements of people such as Matt Hardy, The Undertaker, and Rand […]

Brock Lesnar

Report: WWE Fans Upset Brock Lesnar is So Good at Wrestling

Members of the illustrious club of fans known as the WWE UNIVERSE were upset Saturday night after WWE Universal Champion Brock Lesnar defeated his opponent, Knox County mayoral candidate Glenn Jacobs, in just 35 seconds. According to report by Cageside Seats, Chicago fans were furious on Twitter after the match, which saw Lesnar, who has […]

Did Undertaker Lie to Public at Brother Kane's Mayoral Campaign Event?

President Donald Trump isn't the only WWE Superstar-turned-politician dealing with the fallout of unethical actions of family members on his political career. Glenn Jacobs, known to viewers of WWE as Kane, recently held a campaign event for the Knox County Mayoral race alongside his brother, retired WWE Legend The Undertaker. But though the event was […]