IDW's Next Ghostbusters Comic to Unite (Almost) Every Ghostbuster Ever

Every Team of Ghostbusters Ever (Except One) to Cross Over in IDW’s Next Ghostbusters Comic

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The next Ghostbusters mini-series by Erik Burnham and Dan Schoening will have an awfully crowded cast list. According to an EXCLUSIVE report by io9, Ghostbusters: Crossing Over will see the 2016 movie Ghostbusters open a portal that accidentally lets every ghost out of their containment unit, sparking a storyline that will bring together every Ghostbusters team ever. The Extreme Ghostbusters, the Real Ghostbusters, the New Ghostbusters, Wolverine and the Ghostbusters. If they’ve ever been published in a comic or seen in a movie or television show, or played in a video game, apparently they’ll be in Ghostbusters: Crossing Over from IDW in March.

And the creative team isn’t screwing around here, as Schoening reveals he will attempt to emulate the art style of every Ghostbusters team that shows up in the comic. Schoening said in the interview:

“The biggest challenges from an artistic perspective is emulating the styles of the Real Ghostbusters, Extreme Ghostbusters, Sanctum of Slime and any other teams that may pop up. Not only do we want to honor the distinct look of the characters, but also the backgrounds and ghouls. Luckily and gratefully, we have already had a chance to play with many of those characters in previous books. With that in mind, we just want to jump into this big event with our nuclear accelerators on and have fun telling an exciting and character driven story. I’ve gotten pretty good at drawing with the straightjacket on, as you’ll see, you need one when there’s over 20 characters (in different styles) to illustrate in an issue!”

Unfortunately, there’s one team of Ghostbusters that probably will not appear, whatever IDW says, due to licensing conflicts: Filmation’s The Ghost Busters, otherwise known as “the one with the gorilla.”

Well, there’s always next year. Look for Ghostbusters: Crossing Over #1 in stores on March 28th.

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