It’s-a Me, Build-A-Bear Super Mario!

Posted by December 13, 2017 Comment

For stuffed animal and plushy collectors, there is nothing more dangerous than Build-A-Bear and their holiday offerings. This year, looks like they’re going old school — all the way back to the days of classic Super Nintendo.

Build-A-Bear is now offering these special Super Mario-themed additions to their already amazing collection of customizable buddies. Think of the possibilities!

It’s-a me, Mario the Build-A-Bear form!
My personal go-to guy while playing SNES Super Mario Kart, Yoshi
The bad guy who can’t stop kidnapping the Princess — Bowser sure looks less menacing than I remember.
Then there’s Toad, good friend and high jumper.
Also this ADORABLE hoodie option, too.
He’s more than just Player 2: Luigi!
And, of course, maybe she’s actually in another castle: Princess Peach.

All of these designs are currently available online on Build-A-Bear’s website, as well as in select stores.  Plenty of time to pick one (or the entire collection) up for the gamer in your life.

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