After 32 Years, Comic Store Tries to Raise $1 Million to Buy Its Own Shopping Centre

Teresa Moran of Acadian Comics & Collectibles in Lafayette, Louisiana has a problem. And, after 32 years in business, she has an utterly insane but addictive solution. The store is located in Midtown Plaza, but Moran is not satisfied with the current state of affairs.

She writes:

I know, I kinda look like Aunt Mae from Spider-Man comics, but, I’m not.

I have served three generations of comic book readers and their families in the same “spot” for 32 years.

The problem is, the small shopping center that houses the comic shop and about seven other businesses needs a new owner. I would like to be that owner and purchase the center so we can continue the tradition for years to come, in the same “spot”. Who knows, maybe you super heroes out there can help me build a new center in the same spot to house all of these comic book characters and their neighbors.

What do you say let’s give it a try! Not only do we have three generations of fans local but many have moved and scattered the globe and we still serve them too…so our reach is huge, though we are small….help me obtain a house for the universe! Here is your chance to become a “Super Hero” in the world of comics for future generations.

She only needs a┬ámillion dollars. It’s a dream. Is it a possible one? Help out by donating to her GoFundMe campaign right here.

Thanks to Kody for a typo check.

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