Overkill's The Walking Dead Reappears with New Trailer and Release Window

Payday developer Overkill has been working on a title in the Walking Dead franchise for several years, being subject to delays ever since its 2014 announcement at E3. It's bobbed up and down, but it had certainly been a while since we heard anything.

Well, the game has just got a new trailer and it suddenly feels a lot more concrete. It's been confirmed that the game is going to be a 4 player game where players work as a team to overcome zombie hordes. In the trailer, you can see the first confirmed character for the game in Aiden. Check it out here:

The release window for the game is also confirmed in the trailer as Fall 2018.

This all sounds a bit Left 4 Dead-y, and honestly, it's bee a long while since that franchise had a new entry. Tentatively, it sounds like that could be great, especially with the pedigree of Payday behind it.