You Only Need One Copy of a Way Out to Play with a Friend in Co-Op

A Way Out has had a big week. First off, the game’s director Josef Fares transcended the Gane Awards by going on a crazy rant about games, microtransactions, art, EA and what he thought about the Oscars all within the space of 90 seconds. It was as magical and endearing as it was scattershot and incoherent.

However, the game just got another bit of news that will surely please a lot of people. The central conceit of the game is controlling two players at once, even in different areas, with co-op supposedly being a huge part of the experience.

Well, to enjoy that feature, you are only going to need one copy of the game. It’s been announced that, even online, players will be able to use a free ‘trial’ to bring in another player to control the second character in the game. This accounts for the whole game too, start to finish. Fares tweeted out:

You can check out the feature in this new trailer:

A Way Out is out March 23, 2018.