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Is DC Comics Playing Editorial Musical Chairs?

Posted by December 10, 2017 Comment

DC Comics has said goodbye to some people and hello to others. So how is everything looking right now? There appears to be a little game of musical chairs taking place. We’re told that DC is the most understaffed it has been in quite a long time — though that still means it’s much heavier staffed than Marvel in comparison.

Eddie Berganza‘s departure will leave co-editor of the Dark Nights: Metal title and Rebecca Taylor editing the comic event solo — after which she is expected to become a full editor on the Justice League books.

Replacing Berganza as Group Editor on the Superman books will be Brian Cunningham, ex-Wizard editor, current Justice League Group Editor and editor on Doomsday Clock — and we can expect Brian Michael Bendis to join the Superman titles, expecting to taking over as lead writer post-Action Comics #1000.

The Batman group of titles still don’t have a group editor after Christopher Priest turned the job down, but Chris Conroy or Jamie Rich are expected to take hold of the horns at some point.

But as one seat is filled, another is emptied. Expect a number of further changes to tumble out in the run up to Christmas.

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