PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Shows Off New Desert Map Exclusives in the Pickup Truck and Rifle

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The release of 1.0 looms over PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds but the spectre of the new desert map is possibly even larger. Players are very excited about having new areas to murder one another in and with it coming in the next testing phase, it doesn’t seem like it will be all that long either.

There has been a slew of desert map exclusive items being shown off in recent days at Battleground’s Twitter, and we just got a look at two more. The first is a new vehicle which seems pretty dangerous. The Pickup truck looks as if it will carry four people, but you have to imagine two of riders will be incredibly exposed if they ride in the back. Risky business. Take a look:

The next thing is a new weapon, also only found on the desert map. The Win94 is a hunting rifle that Wikipedia tells me ‘became one of the most famous and popular hunting rifles’. It seems like it might really do some damage, say, if you beaned a guy in the brain with it. Take a look:

We are set to get our first look at the map on Thursday at The Game Awards, but when it will show up on the test servers after that is anyone’s guess. I’m secretly holding out hope that it’s a ‘and it’s out now’ deal, but that is perhaps asking a little too much. Still, it can’t be more than a week or two away. I’m excited about this.

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