Batman Ninja Gets First Teaser, Images From DC, Warner Bros. Japan

Batman Ninja Gets First Teaser, Images From DC, Warner Bros. Japan

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Credit: Warner Bros.

Since it was first announced during New York Comic Con 2017 (NYCC 2017) that Warner Bros. Japan and DC Entertainment would be collaborating on an anime called Batman Ninja, fans who weren’t able to attend the convention have been clamoring for some sense of what the film will be about and what visual approach it would take. Fans won’t have to wait any longer, as the companies have released two teasers for the upcoming release: with and without English subtitles. Though some of this footage was screened during their NYCC 2017 panel, these teasers really set the film’s tone and visual graces.

Directed by Jumpei Mizusaki with a screenplay from Kazuki Nakashima and character designs of Takashi Okazaki, here is your first extended look at Batman Ninja (both versions):

From Japan, to the World The most extraordinary entertainment! “Batman Ninja” In Japan Cinemas 2018

Director: Jumpei Mizusaki
Screenplay: Kazuki Nakashima
Character Design: Takashi Okazaki
Music by: Yugo Kanno
Animation Production: Kamikaze Douga

Credit: Warner Bros.

Set for both a theater release in Japan and a Blu-ray/DVD release in the U.S. in 2018, the Warner Bros. Japan and DC Entertainment collaboration stars Koichi Yamadera as Batman; Wataru Takagi as The Joker; Ai Kakuma as Catwoman; and Rie Kugimiya as Harley Quinn. No English voice cast has been announced for the dubbed Blu-ray/DVD version, though some familiar voices from previous Batman animated projects are expected to be involved.

batman ninja teasers images
Credit: Warner Bros.

Though no official synopsis for the Batman Ninja has been released, the teasers show us the eternal Batman/Joker conflict taking place in feudal Japan. Batman must gather his friends and allies (Robin, Nightwing, Red Hood; and apparently Catwoman and Gorilla Grodd) to put an end to Joker’s reign of terror. The Joker isn’t going alone in this, though; and his “friends” include the likes of Harley Quinn, Penguin, Two-Face, Deathstroke, and Poison Ivy. And then there’s that matter of a giant machine of destruction laying waste to the Japanese countryside that’s just a little concerning..

Credit: Warner Bros.

Source: Kotaku

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