Do You Hear My Crystal Salt? We Review The ROCCAT Khan Pro Headset

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As an audiophile, it’s always fun for me to get a new headset to try out on games. When ROCCAT sent us some items for review (including a mousepad and a wireless gaming mouse), included in that pack was the ROCCAT Khan Pro headset, which immediately made my ears perk up. So we ran this thing through the gauntlet to see how well it works.


The first thing to take note is the design of the headband, which has been created to be more if a  hard clicking adjustment piece. A lot of headsets you get these days are easy movement and slide into place when you adjust, but this one has a very specific system inside of it where you can hear it click as you move. Which means when you find the perfect setup for your head, you’ll know how many clicks it takes to adjust it to what you need. The band itself is well cushioned, not too much to feel like there’s added weight, not too soft to feel like there’s nothing.


The microphone is decently designed as a flip-up bar, muted when you move it up and away from your mouth. There isn’t a lot of adjustment required for it as the mic picks up your voice with very little movement required. Basically, you don’t need to eat the mic to be heard. The volume control is a little wonky on the back of the right side with a single dial that only control what you hear and not how loud your voice is, so this is more of a basic setup as far as communication goes.


The headphones themselves have a decent amount of padding and memory foam around the ears so they don’t get too hot or cause a lot of friction on the side of your head. As to the audio itself, it comes in crystal clear without any issues. It does a great job of balancing out the lows, mids, and highs without a lot of cluster cross audio problems that you often experience in headsets that aren’t specifically built for surround sound or 7.1. The ears also come with 95-degree hinges so that you can pull them down and rest them on your collar.


The Khan Pro is what I would call a great headset for people who aren’t looking for thrills. It’s easy to go on the market and find a pair that has six different options and can light up and work with voice command prompts and have all the bells and whistles you need to make them $100+. These are a basic set for people who need a good pair that’s affordable and can do the job you need them to do. This is for rugged gamers who don’t care if they light up and come in a dozen colors; they’re just for gamers who get in and get out.

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