Hydra Cap Gets His Own Funko In Hot Topic Exclusive Variant

Hydra Cap Gets His Own Funko In Hot Topic Exclusive Variant

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Feeling nostalgic for a bygone historical era? Missed out on getting your hands on one of those Hydra shirts Marvel was pushing on retailers? Well, you’re in luck! Now you can own your very own Hydra Cap Funko, as the villain of Marvel’s Secret Empire super-mega-crossover event returns as a tiny, adorable, vinyl fascist with the Hot Topic Exclusive version of the Civil Warrior Funko Pop!

The figure is part of a set of Contest of Champions Funkos announced today, with Civil Warrior an armored version of Captain America introduced in the game in 2016. Civil Warrior comes from a timeline where the original Civil War ended with Steve Rogers killing Tony Stark, and so he becomes the Civil Warrior in Stark’s honor. That’s a much better origin story than “was always a secret Hydra Agent.”

But as we pointed out back in May, the armored Hydra Cap from the latter issues of Secret Empire looked an awful lot like the Civil Warrior, except for his noticeable change in color scheme.



It looks like Funko has made that connection canon. You can get your own cute little fascist dictator and display it proudly on your desk starting in February, and only at Hot Topic. Just don’t let it anywhere near that Warren Ellis Funko, if you know what’s good for it.

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