Warner Brothers Montreal Are Still Working On A DC Title

Warner Brothers Montreal has been working away on a DC title for a long time. Since their release of Batman: Arkham Origins, the studio’s been working on something in the universe, but it’s remained elusive. There were rumours it would be Suicide Squad related, others that it would be a Justice League game, but as of yet, it has remained in the shadow.

Well, we’ve finally heard something about the title, and it is promising, especially for those who worried about the project after the prolonged development. The studio advertised on Facebook that it is looking for a Technical Director to come on board, but importantly, the job posting says:

Do you want to join a passionate team working on expanding the DC universe in the interactive space?

We can take that as meaning a DC game is on the way.¬†What that that is and if its changed over all this time is still secret, but you’d have to imagine after all this time, we’d hear something about it in the not too far distant future, right?

Thanks GameRant.